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  Basic Requirements for a Beneficial Religion

A RELIGION worthy of your TIME and INTEREST must make sense.

  It must help you in all areas of your LIFE.

  It must not HURT people, directly or indirectly.

  It must not HARM people mentally or psychologically.

  It must not EXPLOIT people materially or financially.

  It must not propagate itself via COERCION or physical FORCE.

  It must allow CURIOSITY without recrimination.

  It must tolerate SELF-STUDY and SELF-CRITICISM.


  It must be UNDERSTANDABLE without lending itself to endless interpretations.

  It must be able to EVOLVE with the Evolution of Knowledge.

  It must help INDIVIDUALS TO achieve their highest potentials.

  It must allow HUMANITY to survive and to progress.

  It must actively work toward the ECOLOGICAL survival of Planet Earth.

  It must at least attempt to answer some of the FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS of life without insulting the intelligence of any TRUTH SEEKER.

  It must lead to a positive PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE.

  The Religion of the Third Millennium

is the only religion in the history of Planet Earth which satisfies all of the above criteria.

  Christianity fails miserably in almost all areas listed above.  In two thousand years, Christianity has never been able to offer any meaningful SOLUTIONS.  Instead, it has been a major supplier of PROBLEMS.

  All previous religions, including currently considered established religions, started our as cults.  SUPERRELIGION is the first and only religion to come into existence as a full-blown religion without going thru the cult stage.

  Theistic religions are dying myths.  They are dying among the thinking classes due to their inaccuracies, their self-contradictions, and their inability to provide meaningful answers to philosophical questions.  And, theistic religions are dying among the believing classes due to continuously decreasing interest.

  SUPERRELIGION is the bridge between theistic religions and a rational society containing sincere Truth Seekers.

  SUPERRELIGION is the religion of The Third Millenium!

  Why does an Atheist promote a religion?

There are several reasons.

  Most atheists are very good at tearing down religions.  It is really very easy to do.  Just like fat jokes.  Hear about the fat person who attended a masquerade part dressed as The Equator?  [Laughter.]  Wait!  You haven't heard the punch line yet.  [No?]  No, the punch line is:  The Equator of Jupiter.  Yet, many or at least most atheists don't give anything positive to the masses whose belief systems have been destroyed.  This website covers both ends of the spectrum.  With Atheist Almanac it helps to bring down ignorance, and with Superreligion it gives readers something positive to look forward to.

  Yes, philosophical, logical, technological, scientific, historical, etc, errors of religions are easy to point out.  And, while most believers/faithers refute or ignore atheists, some are actually harmed by it.  They cannot understand why anyone would want to continue living if there is no heaven to look forward to.  Or, at least, they cannot understand why society would simply not go completely berserk with crime without people fearing punishments for their sins.  [Atheists know that the best strategy is to practice the Golden Rule, even in a world without a Celestial Enforcer.]  Superreligion has answers for all such things.

  Just like astrology supplied the scaffolding for astronomy to be built on, and alchemy supplied the scaffolding for chemistry to be built on, SUPERRELIGION will provide the scaffolding for Truth Seekers to seek  Knowledge Unlimited.

  What could we do without such scaffolding?  Well, we could end up like the Neo Tech books, with mind-numbing verbosity.  As much as we admire  Dr Frank R Wallace and his several pen names, some of his books could have been better outlined prior to being written.  Yes, we really think that SUPRRELIGION will help us to be more organized and less wordy.


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