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Civics = Political "Science"
Viewpoints:  Atheist, Libertarian, Scientific and Objectivist

The Good, The Bad, and The Meek
There are three categories of people.  Where do YOU fit in?
Freemen, Self-Sufficients Oppressors The Oppressed
Truthseekers Manipulators The Manipulated
Thinkers Mystics, Myth-mongers Believes, Myth Addicts
Scientists Theologians Faithers
Ateists Religionists Sheep, Sheeple
Objectivists Dogmatists Followers
Creators, Inventors Parasites Producers
Honest Politicians Corrupt Politicians Misrepresented Voters
Honest Crimefighters Criminals, Crooked Crimefighters Crime Victims
Honest Businessmen Corrupt Businessmen Taxpayers
Ethical Doctors Gougers The Terminally Indebted
News Reporters News Interpreters The Gullible
Free Market Capitalists Communists, Socialists,
Marxists, Zionists
Individualists Collectivists Bees
Nationalists Internationalists Ants
Neothinkers Neocheaters The Neocheated
Genuine Benefactors Altruists, Do-gooders,
Ellsworth Toohey types
Pigeons, Fish
Educators Brain Polluters Mental Druggies
Self-eseteemers  Cult Leaders Cult Members
Self-respecters Drug Dealers Druggies
Skeptics, Debunkers Spiritualists, Psychics, etc Wishful Thinkers
TRUTHSEEKERS Truth Benders The Perpetually Confused
The ideal goal of Superreligion, and perhaps also Neothinkers, is to elevate Category 3 to Category 1, thus eliminating Category 2, by eliminating its base of subsistence.  Study Category 2.  Looking back over your life would you not agree that if these people had never existed, life on Planet Earth would now be much better?
The number and content of this table's rows and cells are subject to evolve.  Politics, after all, is not an actual science; it is, to be kind, a pseudo-science.



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