Fundamental Questions

One of the primary functions of philosophy is to deal with unanswered or partially answered Fundamental Questions.  Once a question is answered to a satisfactory degree, it becomes a part of an established field of science (eg, mathematics, logic, optics, electromagnetism, astrophysics, etc), or possibly even common knowledge.  The following is a sampling of fundamental questions.

YOU   Why were YOU born?
  Did YOU ask/want to be born?  Did YOU have a choice?
  Where did YOU come "from"?
  Why are YOU "here"?
  "Where" are YOU going?  Are YOU going anywhere?
  What is the nature of YOU/self/ego/soul/mind/brain?
  What is the purpose of YOU?  Is there at least on purpose?
  Do you have a Free Will?
LIFE   What is LIFE?  [What is the nature of LIFE?]
  What is the purpose and/or meaning of LIFE?
  Is there at least one purpose and/or meaning of LIFE?
  Does LIFE have any meaning without a Free Will?
  Does LIFE require an ultimate creator?
  Is there LIFE elsewhere in the Universe?
DEATH   What is DEATH?
  Why do you DIE?
  What happens after DEATH?  Does anything happen?
  What is the nature of the Universe?
  Is the nature of the Universe knowable?
  Is the nature of the Universe orderly rather than chaotic?
  Is there more than one Universe?  Are we in a Multiverse?
  What is the purpose of the Universe?  Is there a purpose?
  Why this state of affairs rather than some other?
  Where are YOU in the Universe?
  What is OUR place/location in the Universe?
  Is the Universe self-sufficient, or does it need a creator and/or a manager?
  Did the Universe have a beginning?  If so, when, how, and why did it begin?
  Will the Universe come to an end?  If so, when, how, and why?
  If the Universe has a boundary, what is "outside" it?  Is there an "outside"?
KNOWLEDLGE   Do we know anything?
  If so, what?
  How do we know it?
  And, how do we know we know it?
  Why are we curious?  Why do we want to know things?
  Are there limits to knowledge?
  Can the News Media be trusted?
  If News Media cannot be trusted 100%, how can we separate truth from deception?
  What came first, the chicken or the egg?
POWER   What is the greatest power on Planet Earth today?
GOD(S)   What is the nature of god?
  Is there a god?
  If yes, WHO CREATED THAT GOD?  (And, who created him, ad infinitum et ad nauseam?)
  If yes, is god a singular being (eg, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah)?
  If yes, are there two co-equal, competing gods (eg, a good and a bad god)?
  If yes, is god comprised of a more or less cooperative committee?
  If yes, are there a multitude of gods with diverse interests?
  If yes, did god have a choice in creating the universe?
  If yes, what did god do before he created the universe?
  If yes, can god create a rock so heavy that he cannot lift it?
  If yes, can god create something he cannot control after creating it?
  If yes, and if Your God knows EVERYTHING about You, why do you pay a middleman to be your agent?
  Why is there evil in the world?  Did a god create evil?  If yes, why?
  What is sin?  Did a god create it?  If yes, why?  If not, who did?   Why?
  If there is a god, is he finite or infinite?
  Can an infinite being ever interact with finite beings and/or the material universe?
  What is infinity?
RELIGION(S)   Can one lead a meaningful life without religion?   Without a belief in a god?
  Could humanity survive without religion?
  If yes, would humanity progress or regress?
  Who really wrote the JRC (Judeo-Romish-Christian) bible?  Why?  How?
ETHICS   Are there any moral absolutes?
  If yes, what are they?
  Or, are there only empirical common moral decencies?
  Is religion the foundation of, or totally irrelevant to, ethical behavior?
  Can one be moral and not believe in a god?
  Can one be moral and not be religious?
  Can moral values be taught without religious symbols?
  Is an action moral (or immoral) because a god says it is, or does a god concur with what is, in itself, moral (or immoral)?
  Is it immoral to believe in something without justification?
  Is it immoral to coerce someone else to believe in something without justification?
AESTHETICS   What is beauty?
VALUES   What determines VALUE?
  Are there any absolute VALUES?
  Can you achieve long-range HAPPINESS in your life?
  If yes, how?
  How and why were the laws (of Nature) and the initial conditions (of the Big Bang), if any of the universe chosen?
  Why is the universe the way it is, rather than some other way?
  Could it be any other way?
  Has the matter (actually the Matter-Energy Continuum) in the Universe always existed, and will it continue to exist infinitely/forever?
  Did matter begin, ex nihilo, some time ago, but will continue forever?
  Did matter begin, ex nihilo, some time ago, and will disappear sometime?
  Did matter always exist, but will disappear sometime?  Why?  How?
  If we assume an oscillating universe, with a continuous series of Big Bangs and Big Crunches, will each Big Bang beget a brand new Set of Natural Laws, a la a new poker hands being dealt, or are the Sets of Natural Laws always the same?
  If different, are there a limited number or an infinite number of cards in such a deck?
  Are there infinities in Nature?  Or, does Nature abhor infinities?
  Are there discontinuities in Nature?  Or, does Nature abhor discontinuities?
  What is the nature of SPACE? TIME? MATTER? ENERGY? FIELDS? FORCES?
  Can intelligence emerge from non-intelligence?  How?
  What are the truly elementary building blocks of the Universe?
  Why are there so many more Quarks than anti-Quarks in the Universe?
  Why does the thermodynamic time arrow exist at all?
  Is the Universe self-sufficient, or does it need a Creator and/or Manager?  (Here we have to distinguish between a god-idea type of creator, implying perfections and infinities, and a manager-idea implying imperfections and finites.  For example, to a goldfish the guy who changes his water is a god, but the petowner knows he is merely a temporary manager.)
  Is the Universe closed (finite) or open (infinite)?  Are there other possibilities?
  If the Universe is closed or finite, does it have a boundary?
  What is the nature of such a boundary?
  What is "outside" this boundary?


Fundamental Questions according to Objectivism

[Almost all Fundamental Questions can be extrapolated or evolved from the following three general questions.  Credit: Wallace, 196]

What is man's nature?

What is objective reality?

What are man's requirements for achieving romantic love and long-range happiness?

Superreligion Questions & Answers

Questions Answers
  Why is Superreligion the only religion which not only asks all such questions, but answers them, or at least hints where to seek state-of-the-art answers, or admits current lack of answers, rather than being deliberately misleading? Because all other religions and cults depend, utterly and completely, on ignorance, fears, superstitions, lies, half-truths, and patchwork contradictions for the very survival of their promoters meal tickets.
  If all the other religions and cults have so many informational problems, why do believers still follow them?   Because their teachings contain a few things which followers can relate to, but such truths are few and far between, and largely insignificant and useless.
  Why is Superreligion superior to all theistic religions?   Superreligion is based on state-of-the-art knowledge.   All theistic religions cling unto bad information which have been proven to be erroneous, and other superstitions.  And, superstitions are at best irrelevant, and at worst, destructive.
  What are the purpose and goal of Superreligion?   See:  SOCIOLOGY & REVELATIONS in the SUPERBIBLE


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