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Atheist & Libertarian Dictionary
Viewpoints:  Atheist, Libertarian, Scientific and Objectivist

Altruism --
What is the easiest thing in the world to do?  To help others!  Provided, of course, that you can get someone ELSE to pay for it.  [Scrooge]

Anthropomorphism -- Personification.  The giving of human characteristics to nonhuman or abstract things such as forces of nature, animals, gods, etc.

Atheism -- Absence of theistic belief.  [Smith]

Atheism -- The only philosophical weakness of 20th Century Atheism is that Communism , claiming to be Atheistic, had given it a bad name.  Christian religionists understood this myth, but continued to muddy the waters, because it saved them some souls {cash cows} who might have otherwise read up on Atheism, and learned something useful.

Baptism --- The Holy Bible apparently teaches:  For baptism, thou shalt build a giant waterslide for maximum efficiency and output in soul-saving.  Baptees must not be allowed to re-slide, as that would result in the devastating condition known as Over-saved.  [Jimmy Bakker, or was it Jimmy Swaggert, actually built an amusement park for this purpose, circa 1983.  Did he also build a zoo, or was that one of the singing Jackson boys?]

Belief -- People believe in a god because they have been conditioned to believe in a god.  [Aldous Huxley, 1932]

Believing is easier than thinking, hence there are many more believers than thinkers.  [Bruce Calvert]

Believing --- We do not "believe".  We either know or we don't know.  If we don't know, can theorize, speculate, guesstimate, or take an educated guess.  A wrong answer is not better than no answer at all.  If we seem to believe you, we are really either agreeing with you or accepting what you are saying subject to verification.  [E Scrooge, 1987]

Bible -- The [Holy] Bible must be put away in libraries where it belongs.  Filed to gather dust beneath appropriate labels:  Mythology, Superstition, Ancient History, Folklore, Pre-Scientific Philosophy, and so on.  [Philip Wylie, 1902-1971, "THE MAGIC ANIMAL", 1968]

Birth control -- For China, India, Africa and Latin America:  Three Is Company, a Billion Is A Crowd.

Birth Control -- In 1920, people of the White Race made up 33% of the total world population.  By 1984, the percentage had fallen to 8%.  If the trend continues, by 2050 the White Race will amount to 1% or less.  Enough said.

Birth Control -- As the above two entries elegantly prove, religious teachings are irrelevant, immaterial, and downright dangerous.  Survival Instincts and Ecological Ultimata are far more important.

Blasphemy is a victimless crime.

Blasphemy --- One man's blasphemy is another man's truth.

Capitalism, specifically Free Enterprise capitalist, is an economic and social system based on private property and the self-motivating profit system.  The only system in history which allows the maximization of individual freedoms, and the creation of long-range values.

Christianity -- I do not find in Christianity one redeeming virtue. [Thomas Jefferson]  /////  What have been Christianity's fruits?  Superstition, bigotry and persecution. [James Madison]  /////  The bible is not my book, nor Christianity my profession. [Abraham Lincoln]

Christianity -- If Christianity was meant to save the world, then it has one major shortcoming.  It has never worked!  Incredibly, the religionists are not considering scrapping, or even redesigning the PRODUCT.  Instead, they continue to blamd the CONSUMER.

Christianity -- The threat of punishment for disbelief is the crowning touch of Christian misology.  Throughout the New Testament we have intellectual intimidation, ie, transcendental blackmail in its purest form.  Christian faith is to free inquiry what organized crime is to free enterprise.  [Smith, 169]

Church -- I do not believe in the creed of professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church I know of.  My own mind is my church.  [Tom Payne, 1737-1809; AGE OF REASON, 1793]

Churchman --- Same as Religionist, qv.

Communism -- Absolutely the worst thing that ever happened in the history of mankind.  The Cancer of Planet Earth.  A true religion, indeed Christianity's greatest competitor for wealth and power.

Communism -- At the writing of this entry (July 1990), communism seems to be dying.  Assuming that it is not playing possum in order to phoenix in some other form, what shall we elevate to the level of The Greatest Evil in future editions of The Superbible?  Corruption clearly leads all candidates.  Additional evils include Religions, Drugs, Pollutions, Crime, Overpopulation, etc.  Feel free to brainstorm additional evils.

Conspiracy Theories --- Study the cause, the source of the problem.  [Tao]

Conspiracy Theories --- All efforts to cure a disease, without removing the cause, will be inadequate.  [Lysander Spooner, 1846]

Corruption -- An all pervasive disease of mankind.  Is it not interesting that Judeo-Christian religionists rarely speak out against corruptions and conspiracies of groups, but instead, hammer out against individuals?  Well, it is more profitable and considerably easier to isolate the mark, and make him buy the product.  Solving mankind's problems is not very profitable, especially if one is a part of the problem.  [E Scrooge, p25]

Cosmological Principle --- The theory that everything (especially laws of nature0 is the same everywhere and at all times.  In other words, that two or more observers in different places and times in the universe see the same things.  Yet another way of saying this is that observed facts do not contradict themselves.

Cosmology --- No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.  [Max Ehrman, DESIDERATA, 1927]

Credo of Truthseekers and Superreligionists:  Follow nobody, believe nothing, study the interesting, verify the important.

do not owe debts to society.  They owe debts to their VICTIMS.

Cult -- What every religion starts out as.

Death is a fact of life.

Deism -- An evolutionary step somewhere between theism and atheism.  A monotheistic god is postulated to explain the creation of the universe.  However, this god does not interfere in the function of the universe via miracles, nor meddle with his createes via revelations or special favors.  Sometimes referred to as The Blind Watchmaker Theory.  Apparently this god was not influenced by market demands, as he made only one watch.  Most of USA's Founding Fathers, including Washington, Jefferson and Franklin, were deists.

Democracy, as are all political systems backed by government force, is a system that is not just nor proper for Man.  In principle democracy is a pragmatic tyranny of the majority.  Only free market capitalism is a system of principles based on human nature and justice.  Free market capitalism is a social system that rejects all forms of initiatory force and fraud, especially by governments.  Free market capitalism offers freedom, and only total freedom to everyone equally.  [Wallace, p307]

Ecology -- We, indeed all life forms, are renters, not owners, of Planet Earth.

Electricity -- If electricity had been discovered two thousand years ago, today we would see model electric chairs crowning church steeples, and miniature ones decorating the bellies of priests.  [E Scrooge, 1955]  Homework assignment:  How would the invention of the guillotine 2000 years earlier, affected history?  Would JCs head have been miraculously reattached.  Would anyone ever have swallowed this story?  Would Christianity's copy cat religion, Islam, have ever happened?

Equality --- All men are created equal, but some are more equal than others.  [George Orwell, ANIMAL FARM, 1946]

Faith -- Since faith must entail belief in the absence of rational demonstration, all propositions of faith -- regardless of their specific content -- are irrational.  To believe on faith is to believe in defiance of rational guidelines, and this is the essence of irrationalism...Because of this inherent irrationalism, faith can never rescue the concept of God or the truth of Christian dogmas.  Only if one's beliefs are indefensible -- and only if one wishes to retain these beliefs in spite of indefensibility -- is the appeal to faith necessary...If we cannot understand the concept of God rationally, we do not come closer to understanding it thru faith.  [Smith, p124] ..... If faith collapses, so does Christianity. .....[George H Smith, p99]

The Central Dilemma of Faith --- Insofar as faith is possible, it is irrational.  Insofar as faith is rational, it is impossible.  [G H Smith]

Faith -- An important theological brainwashing tool. ..... Misguided hope. ..... Terminal gullibility.  [E Scrooge, p27]

Faith --  The alleged shortcut to knowledge, it is only a short-circuit to destroying the mind.  [Ayn Rand, ATLAS SHRUGGED]

Freedom -- Doing what you like is Freedom.  Liking what you do is happyness.

Freedom of the Press belongs to him who owns [or at least controls] one.  [Michael Parenti, 1986]

God -- One nation under God -- Iran!

God -- One nation under God -- Israel!

God --- The Christian God is cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust.  [Thomas Jefferson]

God -- All gods are created by Men.  [Scrooge, 27]

God -- Consciousness of God is self-consciousness....Knowledge of God is self-knowledge...To think is to be God.  [Ludwig Feuerbach, 1804-1872; THE ESSENCE OF CHRISTIANITY, 1841]   Hey, this chap qualifies as a prophet who predicted Superreligion.

Government -- The government is best which governs least.  [Thomas Payne, 1776]

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul, can depend on the support of Paul.  [George Bernard Shaw] ..... A government that robs the unwitting taxpayer to pay the chosen, can depend n the support of the chosen.  [Norman Bates]

Happiness cannot be analyzed.  You know it when you are there.

Happiness -- Doing what you like is Freedom.  Liking what you do is Happiness.

Health -- Health costs are killing us.

Hope -- All people are capable of changing their views, ideas, actions and lives for the better.

Hydrogen -- Second most common element in the universe.  First is Stupidity.

Immortal Soul -- The only time the word "immortal" appears in the Christian Bible is in the NT in reference to the Christian god YHWH/Jehovah.  [Source: Worldwide Church of God, in various publications and telecasts]  Therefore, the Christian Bible does not disagree with Superreligion's contention contention that even a God cannot create totally independent souls, but has to settle for robots which work only as long as they are kept energized [as long as they have a pulse].

Judeo-Christianity -- Throughout the Superbible we use Judeo-Christianity instead of "plain" Christianity in order to emphasize the origin of this particular religion.

Karma -- From the Sanskrit "kri" meaning deed or action.  The structure of one's life as resulting from one's prior actions in an earlier existence.  Requires reincarnation as its complement.  A kind of impartial and just computer, operating on the merit system.  We do not know where it is plugged in, or who wrote the program, but we do know that as a theoretical doctrine, it does something that Christianity can never do without embarrassing itself:  It can explain why bad things happen to good people.  [E Scrooge, 30]

nowledge -- Ignorance is not bliss, it is oblivion.  [Philip Wylie, 1902-1971, Generation of Vipers, 1942]

Learning -- An electrical engineering student masters the Ohm's Law in one class session.  A Christian has to learn and relearn The Golden Rule, at least once every week for the rest of his natural life.  [E Scrooge, 1959]

Libertarian -- One who upholds and lives the principle of individual liberty and freedom of thought and action.  The keyword here is Liberty.  (Not to be confused with Liberal or Left Wing.)

Libertarian Principle -- All individuals can freely live as they choose, as long as they don't forcibly interfere with others.  All social interactions and actions should be voluntary.

Libertarian Corollary   -- While anyone, including minorities (eg, warlocks) should be able to live where they want to, a landlord should not have to rent to them if he does not want to.  Remember!  All social interactions and actions should be voluntary.

Liberty -- The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.  [George Washington]

Life -- Life is easy, simple, and fun.  It is [certain] people who make life complicated, difficult, and unpleasant. [E Scrooge, 1969]  .....  A certain portion of life, therefore, must be wasted on getting and keeping parasites and meddlers off one's back, and in struggling thru red tape.  [E Scrooge 1970]

Love -- Romantic love is the emotional, intellectual, and physical integration of a man and a woman who gain happiness, objective values, and sexual pleasures from each other.  Romantic love always requires self-responsible, mature, life-enhancing actions to grow.  [Wallace, NEOTECH Romantic Love Contract, 1986]

Magic -- Any advance piece of technology is magic to someone who doesn't understand it.  [Arthur Clarke]

Meddlers -- People who parrot the religionists falsehoods and partial-truths as Truths, but without enjoying the cash flow and other benefits enjoyed by professional religionists.  The self-deluded do-gooders, altruists, and crusaders who interfere with the lives of others.  The Ellsworth Tooheys of the world.  [E Scrooge, 1987]

Miracles -- People love to be entertained.  Since early childhood.  Amazingly, little children can easily tell the difference between The Make Believe and the plausible.  That is, they can tell the difference between Fiction and Non-fiction.  Even more amazingly, some adults, when it comes to religion , can not.  This is the only true miracle in the entire history of Planet Earth.

Missionary Activities -- Close encounters of the worst kind.

Moslems -- The members of the religion of Islam.  Followers of a copy-cat religion (aren't they all, derived largely from Judaism and Christianity.  We would sincerely like to understand what all this bowing toward Mecca do for you.  What scientific benefit does it yield?  Or is it only an arbitrary gesture.  For example, would not standing on one foot, covering one eye with one hand, and pointing toward Polaris (North Star) with the other hand. realize equally beneficial results?  [Scrooge, p31]

Nature is never "right" or "wrong", neither "good" nor "bad".  It simply IS.

Objectivism -- Developed by the late, great, Ayn Rand, and woven throughout her many books.  THE FOUNTAINHEAD (1949), starring Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal, included that nasty little sycophant, Ellsworth Toohey.  Other noted objectivists include Nathaniel Branden and Dr Framk R Wallace, the founder of Neotech.

Parapsychology -- The study of the paranormal.  To the best of our knowledge, not one single paranormal demonstration has yielded scientifically valid positive results.

Philosophy -- Integrated view of man, existence, universe. ..... Philosophy asks the simple question:  What is it all about.  [Alfred North Whitehead, 1861-1947]

Psychiatry -- A deadly enemy of Judeo-Christianity.  J-C implants guilt feeling s-- remember Original Sin? -- in order to control the masses.  Psychiatry endeavors to clear up guilt feelings.  A large percentage of mental problems are attributed to religious/cultist indoctrinations.  Guilt is not an inborn state.  It has to be taught.

Psychics -- Why don't psychics own all the casinos, racetracks, and seats on stock exchanges?  To paraphrase The Church Lady (Dana Garvey on Saturday Nite Live, the 1980s): Could it be that they are all F-A-K-E-S?

Quantum Theory of Gravity has opened up a new possibility in which there would be no boundary to space-time, and thus there would be no need to specify the behavior at the boundary.  There would be no singularities at which the laws of broke down, and no edge of space-time at which one would to appeal to a god or new law to set the boundary conditions of space-time.  One could say that the boundary condition of the universe is that no boundary.  The universe could be completely self-contained and not be affected by anything outside itself.  It would neither be created nor destroyed.  It would just BE.  {Hawking, p136]

Questions --  Curiosity is one of the characteristics of a vigorous intellect.  The ability to ask questions and to seek answers is one of the quantum differences between Men and animals.  Questions, however, come in many levels of significance and importance.  Fundamental Questions [FQ] are a major concern of Superreligion.   Read also the following two entries.

Endless Series Questions -- What caused the universe, and why?  What is the outside of the universe?  What is the purpose of life?  How can you be certain which beliefs are true?  How can you know what is good?  These are just five examples of what some writers call Circular Questions, inasmuch as every one of them shares the characteristic that no matter what answer is given, that answer begets at least one more question.  If the universe, for example, is assumed to have a boundary, well, what is outside That Boundary, etc, ad infinitum.  We do not like the term Circular, as it is misleading anm more properly used to describe certain types of definitions.  We prefer Helical Questions or Endless Series Questions.

Wrong Questions -- Why cannot I ever locate myself at a point where a rainbow touches the ground?  This question is simply wrong inasmuch a rainbow is a circle which never touches the ground, as witnessed by pilots.  It would have been much better, in hindsight, to ask whether any rainbow ever touched the ground.  Be that as it may, all questions lead toward greater knowledge even if they do not produce practical answers immediately.  If we had not asked about the situation outside a universe with a boundary, we probably would not have the idea of a universe without a boundary.  Never allow Authoritarians discourage you from asking questions.  You might end up under house arrest, or worse, a la Galileo.  Ask questions!  Be a Truthseeker!

Racism -- Racist slurs can't harm you if you have pride in yourself and your race.  Respect has to be earned.  Respect can never be generated by adding words to the name of your race.  In fact, this effort is silly considering a single language.  With hundreds of languages on Planet Earth, it is downright stupid.

Reason -- Reason is the faculty that identifies and integrates the material provided by the senses, the facts of reality.  Reason is not one aspect of thought; it is the capacity of thought itself.  [Ayn Rand, p87]

Reincarnation -- See Karma.

Religion -- So far as religion is concerned, it is a damned fake.  Religion is all bunk.  [Thomas Alva Edison]

Religion -- Religion is a neurosis.  [Dr Albert Ellis]

Religion -- In religion, a man denies his reason.  [Feuerbach, 1841]

Religion -- Religions are all alike -- founded on fables and myths.  [Jefferson]

Religion -- Religion has persuaded man to many evils.  [Lucretius, 99-55 BC, Rome]

Religion -- Clergymen are the ticket scalpers outside the gates of heaven.  /////  Religion has been a curse to mankind.  /////  The motive of fear is the be-all and end-all of all religions.  [H L Mencken]

Religion -- The time has come when it is the duty of all to make their dissent from religion known.  [John Stuart Mill]

Religion -- All religions die of one disease -- that of being found out.  [J Morley]

Religion -- Religion is an excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet.  [Napoleon]

Religion -- The Judeo-Christian religion answers unasked questions, and rather poorly at that.  [E Scrooge, 1955]

Religion -- Religion cancels out from both sides of the equation of life.  [E Scrooge, 1962]

Religion:  Of the religionist, by the religionist, for the religionist.  [E Scrooge, 1987]

Religion is regarded by common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.  [Seneca,
 ??BC-64AD, Rome]

Religion -- The first clergyman was the first sly rouge who encountered the first fool.  [Voltaire]

Religion -- The United States is in no sense founded on the Christian religion.  [George Washington]
Religionist -- A religionist is a Neo-cheating parasite who extracts unearned and undeserved money, property, wealth, power, influence and respect from society by preaching falsehoods, half-truths, superstitions, myths, fairy tales and fictions as Truths.  [E Scrooge, 1989]

Religionist -- A Mooching Mystic promoting Metaphysical Monstrosities.

Religionist -- A manipulator of the gullible via unjustified beliefs.

Respect for an individual or a race cannot be legislated nor enforced by law.  It must be earned.

Resurrection -- More people have "seen" Elvis return than any bible character.

Sacrifice -- When you  lose a loved one, that is  tragedy.  When an all-powerful creator god "gives" his only begotten son -- knowing all along that he can recreate an identical son (or billions such clones) down to the last sub-atomic particle -- that is neither a tragedy nor a sacrifice.  It is a joke.  And the joke is on the believer.

Sacrifice -- If you needed a particular rare type of blood, and The Mayo Clinic did not have a supply, and your only possibility was that a Jewish rabbi who lived 2000 years ago, having foreknowledge of your blight, sacrificed himself on a cross in order to bleed into a bottle, and hid this bottle so that only you could find it 2000 years later, well, perhaps there could be something to the idea that he died for you.  But, of course, this  non-sequitur story is simply silly.  The only miracle here is that anyone could ever have believed it.  [E Scrooge, 2011]

Scaffolding -- A device used by scientists and other Truthseekers, in seeking knowledge, which, after accomplishing its useful service, can be discarded.  For example, nuclear physicists have to use a combination of Waves and Particles, or Wavicles, to describe subatomic things, inasmuch as no decent analogy exists for such things in the normal, Earthpeople-sized, world.  However, once we can manage solely with mathematical descriptions this scaffolding becomes redundant and can be scrapped.  Other historical scaffoldings include astrology which begat astronomy, and alchemy which begat chemistry.  Similarly, the metaphysics of Superreligion is to be considered as scaffolding, as a step to a higher level of knowledge.

Scientism --

Serving the Lord -- Why send a Man to do a God's job?  [E Scrooge, 1988]

Simplification -- Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler than that.

Supernatural -- If someone really had magic powers, he wouldn't be bending spoons, he'd be curing cancer.  Or, he would be oozing thru walls of gold depositories.  In any case, he would the entertainment of audiences to be among his least profitable activities.

Theism -- A belief in a god or gods.

Theology is the effort of explaining the knowable in terms of the not worth knowing.  [H L Mencken, 1880-1956]

Truth does not have to be believed -- 2+3=5 whether one believes it or not.

Truth does not have to missionaries.  While it may not follow logically, it follows practically that only misleadings, confusions and lies have to be missionaried.

Truth is the qualification which applies to Appearances alone.  Reality is just itself, and it is nonsense to ask if it is true or false.  Truth is the conformation of Appearances to Reality.  [Alfred North Whitehead, 1861-1947]

Truthseeker -- A Superreligionist, an Atheist, an Objectivist...

Viewpoints --

Wars -- Religion can never eliminate, nor even diminish wars.  Religion can only cause wars.  If wars become obsolete, eg due to the fear of nuclear weapons, the credit goes to Science.

Women -- The Bible and the Church have been the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of women's emancipation.  [Elizabeth Cady Stanton]



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