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This is where your Webmaster goes out on the limb and presents some of his theories that have never been published anywhere before {1 October 2011).

 Titus Theory of CORAL CASTLE Construction
Subject:  The question of how Edward Leedskalnin [Eduards Liedskalniņ�, in original Latvian], 1888-1951, managed to build, in Homestead, Florida, from 1936 onward, certain super-heavy stone structures apparently without any modern machinery, using only some very elementary tools.

Background:  Don't worry.  I'm not going to bore you with a lengthy diatribe here.  If you want to know the background, read "CORAL CASTLE, Fact and Folklore" by Karen Stollznow, in the Jan/Feb 2010 (Vol 34, #1) issue of SKEPTICAL INQUIRER.

First of all, these structure were not made of coral.  Instead, they were made of oolite, a native limestone bedrock.

Second, and here is the tricky part, they were not carried and "finished".  They were molded!  All Ed had to do is use his other skills, one of which was carpentry, and create molds.  Yes, but what did he pour into these molds?

Third, he obviously had to reduce this oolite to the consistency of sand, or finer.  Well, we all know that grinding stone doesn't require a rocket scientist.  He could have some kind of grinding machine working away while he entertained visitors.

Fourth, he had to use some kind of special liquid, or liquid plus some other material, both of which were easy for him to locate, in order to make the structures solidify.

All kinds of self-styled mystery solvers and decoders have tried and tried to come up with the answer, using all kinds of exotic ideas, from anti-gravity to wooden rollers to friendly extraterrestials.  My theory is ever so much simpler.  And, it is probable.

But, what about the missing piece here, the concoction which makes the molded things solidify.  Hey, "that's not my job, man".  I leave that job for some mud-mixer (a term we electronic engineers lovingly bestowed on mechanical and civil engineers, back in the old days).

Look, it cannot be that difficult.  Before early Romans hit upon the correct formula of simple materials and liquids, there was no CONCRETE, and there would not be a Europe as we know it now, and there would be no wheeled vehicles on the American continent.

Bonus Revelation:  This theory can also explain those huge statues on Easter Island.  All the film clips about them show some of these statues "on their way" to their destinations.  What if they had been created (=poured) in situ, and had simply fallen over, and partially covered by the elements!  The only wood needed were those for making molds and scaffoldings.  Both of which could have been reused many times, thus certainly not causing the extinction of trees.  But, I also predict that there will continue to be people experimenting with dragging heavy things, with ropes, over wooden rollers for decades to come.

Bonus Revelation 2.0:  The "bringing" of large stones to Stonehenge can be similarly thought of as having been poured in situ, rather than lugged overland from many miles away.  Again, the missing piece of knowledge is what was the stuff that created stones out of small stones or powder.  .....  I have always wondered why everyone thinks that the Stonehenge construction had to be something religious.  Something involving worshipping something.  Look!  Even primitives knew that they could worship even in an empty field.  Currently my best shot is a base for tethering some kind of ancient Zeppelin.


 Titus Theory of Egyptian Pyramids and Decorated Steles.

The theory here is similar to the theory of Coral Castle construction theory in the previous entry, above.  Powdered stone, and or sand, and some kind of liquid or liquids.  But here we have to postulate two more factor.  These factors differ for pyramids and pillars/steles

For Pyramids, these factors are, first, many, many people, with huge biceps, carrying pails of sand or water.  From sources to sites.  And, a few carpenters to make a minimum of four smooth wooden "sides" for, for example, a One Meter Cube.  Then you pour in the ingredients and wait a little.  Visualize a checkerboard labeled like an x-y axis.  You put the first cube at x=1, y=1.  Next, you create another stone cube at x=1, y=2.  Note that for this particular location you need only three wooden sides.  Once you have the perimeter cubes, you will need only two wooden sides as an absolute minimum.  Of course, you would have to lubricate the wooden sides somehow so you can take them off easily and reuse them.  This procedure is ideal for producing what I first read in vonD�niken's books, "so closely packed that you cannot insert a knife blade" between these cubes.  Look, I know how hard it is to locate a very heavy fireproof safe exactly next to something.  It was easy enough to move it close to something, but the final inch or cm was pure hell.  And, with the pyramids, they are all next to each other, such that you "cannot insert a knife blade" anywhere.  QED

For Steles and Pillars, you do not need as many man-hours.  What you need are wooden sides (or perhaps circular molds) and scaffolding.  If you can climb a scaffold, and thereon carve picture into semi-soft surfaces, and can do this, piecemeal, from the lowest disc to the top disc, or whatever object, you do not need to fool around like some people on the telly trying to erect a prone stele (or pillar) into its final vertical position.  How were all those intricate carvings done?  Well, there must have been a period of time after creating the molded sections that these sections were the consistency of clay, similar to what artist wannabees use in sculpturing classes, or what kindergartners call Play Dough.  Soon thereafter, the carved blocks/discs set, and everybody now wonders how such carvings could have been made without iron chisels.  Hey, either this, or the even more improbably idea of extraterrestrials.   How do you know that these structures are plumb?  Well, you use a device called even now: plumb.  One of the easiest things to construct.  All you need is a heavy object and string.  QED



 Tiitus Theory of Painful Childbirth

I have read every Erich vonD�niken's book on extraterrestrials, but cannot remember reading about this phenomenon.  It is very possible also that I simply missed it.

It was a nice summer day.  Our cat Betty was pregnant.  We were sitting down to enjoy grilled hamburgers as Betty waddled by, climbed a tree, located a baby bird on a branch, and had her own party.  She came down, dropped off two babies, and seemed to be asking to share some human food.  Eventually she completed her birthing, and concentrated on cleaning her young with what seemed to us to be extreme pleasure and loving care.

Yes, female cats are amazing.  They give birth.  They clean their children.  They feed their children.  They educate their children.  (What seems to be simply playing, is actually the teaching of survival skills.)  And, when she thinks they are ready, she forces them to go away on their own.  Not once does she complain or ask any of the Tommys for kitten-support.  She is a perfect mother.  But, I am on some kind of tangent here...

No doubt most readers have enjoyed similar experiences with dogs, cows, fish, birds, etc, etc.  And, I'll bet not one of these critters indicated discomfort.

Only human mothers are different from all other mammal mothers.  Why?  Could it be that the extraterrestrials theory has merit, it is possible that somewhere in long ago history extraterrestrial men picked out the prettier earthwomen, leaving the rest to go extinct?  Yet, their unions were all somewhat imperfect, causing only slightly imperfect female offsprings to be born.  This theory also satisfies the question of the missing link between simians and homo sapiens with much larger brains.

In conclusion, this theory can only add to all other von D�niken's theories re extraterrestrials.  Hopefully, if Erich ever reads this, he will be so kind as to enlighten me as to where he already covered this subject.


Stay tuned.  I expect to cover UFOs either here or in Classification: History's Mysteries.

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