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Source:  Superbible, by Mike Titus, printed in 1990

The Exploiters and the Exploited

     All social , political and economic histories of mankind can be rendered in terms of the Exploiters and the Exploited.  In essence, the Exploiters derive wealth and power at the expense of the Exploited.  They take the fruits of the labors of the Creators and Producers without exchanging value for value.
     The Exploiters fall into two distinct groups -- The Oppressors and the Manipulators.  The Oppressors use physical force and terror.  The Manipulators use psychological extortion and coercion.
The Twin Evils I
     [Credit:  Robert Green Ingersoll, 1895]
     The throne and the altar are twins -- two vultures from the same egg.  To attack the king was treason, to dispute the priest, blasphemy.  The sword and the cross were allies.  Together they attacked the rights of men.  They defended each other.  The king owned the bodies of men, the Priest owned their souls.  One lived on the taxes collected by force, the other on the alms collected by fear.  Both robbers, both beggars.  The king made the laws, the priest made creeds.  With bowed heads the people carries the burdens of one, with open mouthed wonder they received the creeds of the other.  The king said rags and hovels to you, robes and palaces for me.  The priest said God made you ignorant and immoral and made me holy and wise.  You must not reason.  You must not contradict.  You must believe.
The Twin Evils II
     [Credit:  Ayn Rand, 1961]
       ATTILA and the WITCH DOCTOR, kings and mystics, force and faith.  Both are united against the mind and raise to power whenever man abandons reason.  These two remain the same in all ages.  Attila rules by brute force as the sole sanction of power, the only answer to any problem, with looting the aim.  The Witch Doctor escapes into visions of some mystic realm and obtains obedience by pre-empting the field of morality with guilt and sin.  The Witch Doctor gives Attila a code of moral values, "The Divine Right of Kings", to sanction his actions and disarm his victims.  Both are to be blindly followed and not doubted in their precarious alliance against the PRODUCERS.
The Newest and Greatest Power

     Now that communism/socialism is dying, as witnessed by the events in Eastern Europe in 1989-1990, and that the death of superstition/religions is a distant, but foregone conclusion, are you safe from OPPRESSION and MANIPULATION?  Hardly!...
     A new type of power began feebly with the invention of the printing press, continued with newspapers, radios, talkie newsreels, and culminating with television.  From about 1960, PUBLIC OPINION has become the greatest force on Planet Earth.
     Public Opinion is a tool.  And tools, being impartial, can be used for either good or bad, just like wealth (=capital), weapons, media, drugs, etc.  Remember that the printing press, also a tool, has been used for both good and bad.  On the good side, it brought enlightenment, first to Europeans and their settlements, and then to people worldwide.  On the bad side, it permitted Judeo-Christian religionists to print bibles, without which Christianity could never have spread very far from from certain Mediterranean locales.
     Tools can be used by anybody.  Tools can also be monopolized, at least to the degree that any individual or a group can operate as a monopoly of power.  Therefore, The Greatest Power on Planed Earth is held by those who control Public Opinion by monopolizing the Mass Media, including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books and movies.
[2010 Update:  The Internet should be able to diminish the powers of monopolistic mind manipulators to some degree.  At least, it should allow for viewpoints differing from the Eastern Establishment bias against White People and Arabs.]
The New Manipulators

     As few as fifty (50) people, heads of that many corporations, monopolize the media upon which Americans are dependent on information they need to make everyday decisions, such as buying a car or a house, and historic decisions, such as electing a Congressman or President.
     The backgrounds, beliefs, and biases of about 250 men and women whose reporting not only informs, but also shapes the country (and much of the world), are inexorably mixed in with the "facts" they report to us.
     None of these people are, or can be, elected.  None can be un-elected, disbarred or defrocked.  On the other hand, they better toe the party line.  Remember the time when Andy Rooney was forced to go on a "vacation"?  He must have begged forgiveness, because they allowed him to return, and he is still on camera.
Neutralizing the Fourth Estate

     The answer does not lie in tampering with constitutional rights.  Rather, the answer lies in the individual.  It lies in You!  You can learn to cope with the problem by developing yourself in three areas:  Autodidactic education, eternal skepticism (a la Eternal Vigilance), and critical thinking.
     In this era of information explosion it is very easy for anyone to improve his general knowledge of the world.  You need this type of autodidactic education to discern truths from lies and partial truths.  Next, you always have to wonder about the motives of not only the reporters of news, but also of their employers.  Last, but not least, you need to practice critical thinking in order to integrate new information into your store of knowledge.

The New Slave-masters?
Throne and Altar.  King and Priest.  Attila and Witch Doctor.  Oppressor and Manipulator.  We have shown the possibility of a new type of Manipulator, The Fourth Estate monopoly.  Will there also be a new type of Oppressor in our future?  What would it be like?

     Could organized crime come to rule the world?  No, politicians do not like to be pre-empted.   Long before they would give up power, they will see the light and legalize drugs, and do other things which will make attenuate crime rates.

     Could it be insurance companies, given the ever increasing mathematical series of always taking in more than paying out?  Probably not.  People can simply stop paying premiums.

     Could it be religions, given that they never pay taxes on real estate and can thus end up owning all the land?  No, we have already shown that organized religion in the Western World is terminally ill, and Islam is suffering from infighting and more and more members are seeking more and more relaxed rules.

     Present indicators postulate the ever increasing financial powers of various kinds giving some competition to the Eastern Establishment and Hollywood Axis.  They probably will not be oppressors in the conventional sense, but they may influence the kinds of jobs available.  They are much too diverse to become monopolies, except perhaps in the area of FOOD, if the present trend of world population explosion continues.  Well, we shall see what happens.  And if the international mega-corporations do turn out to be real oppressors of Homo Sapiens, we {Superreligionists} shall offer constructive solutions in future editions of the Superbible.  No static bible ever did, does now, nor ever can promise this!
Update, October 2011:  The big oil countries in the Levant, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, et al shall soon be happy to trade a barrel of oil for a liter of drinkable H-Two-O.






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