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 Only Necessary and Sufficient Government Needed
Source: Superbible, p35, 1990

Even a self-sufficient individualist cannot protect his life, his family, his property, and his pursuit of happiness one hundred percent of the time.  At the very least he has to take time out to ingest nourishment, excrete bodily wastes, sleep, exercise, and relax.  Therefore, out of absolute necessity, he has to enter into some kind of social contract with others in order to empower suitably selected and suitably compensated, willing and capable people to protect everyone in that society.

Throughout recorded history, this simple and obvious idea seems to have run into all kind of difficulties of implementation.  Instead of nice leaders nicely protecting and guiding nice and appreciative individuals, most societies have polarized, to various degrees, into The Exploiters and The Exploited.

In fact, all Social, Political and Economic histories of mankind can be rendered in terms of The Exploiters and The Exploited.

The lesson is clear:  Human nature being what it is, it is very tricky to entrust other people with power.

Is there any hope?  Certainly!  The answer is twofold:

First, all politicians and bureaucrats, whether elected or appointed, should be able to pass extensive tests, including aptitude, mental stability, general education, special education (relating to his special field), IQ, etc, etc.  After all, doctors have to pass all kinds of tests.  And your life and property depend on politicians just as much as it does on doctors.  Ability to face audiences, a motor-mouth, and more than one semester of Speech, simply are not enough for you to entrust anyone with your life.

Second, personal computers can lead to true democracy where everyone who has a valid opinion on a given subject can input it.  Again, science has provided an answer where religion has failed.

Update 1 [2011].  If you want to debate the voting via personal computers idea, suggesting that there are all kinds of ways to abuse the system, all I can say is that cyber-security problems are there for the solving.  Another Gates or Jobs will come along and solve it.  If the problem is truly insoluble (like perpetual motion), hey, don't despair.  You have never been without election abuses since after George Washington retired.  Sure, same or similar abuses may continue, but at least you can vote for less cost in both time and money.  You can roll out of bed and punch a few keys, without wasting expensive automobile fuel and driving time to a voting booth.

Update 2 [2011].   Another one of my ideas involves eliminating 99% of the expense of "running" for office.  Even losers always have spent millions.  Queen Elizabeth 2 has never had to run for office, but her system has other costs involved which require substantial amounts of taxpayer money.  I really do not have a good enough solution here.  But, I have a website!  So, perhaps one of you reading this has a good idea??  I would be glad to give you a soapbox.




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