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The Metaphysics of Superreligion

Source:  Superbible, by Mike Titus, printed in 1990

          Superreligion is a shortcut method of introducing Atheism to the average person presently confused by all the contradictions of theistic religions, and willing to learn something that makes more sense.  We do not promote our philosophy.  We do not care what you believe, or believe what you believe.  But, if you are curious and ready to learn, we might be able to help you.

          To learn about Superreligion right away, go directly to the link here,  and return to this entry when ready. 

The Need

          Since many potential Truth Seekers have been philosophical cripples since shortly after birth, thanks largely to well meaning but ignorant environmental adjuncts [parents, mostly], it is not good to tear away their belief crutches without providing them some alternative support, at least temporarily, until they develop sufficient self-confidence and self-esteem to think rationally for themselves.

          Therefore, Superreligion proudly, albeit reservedly, presents:  Superdeism!

          Once upon a time the Supergod was enjoying the super fireworks of the univeses oscillations between Big Bangs and Big Crunches.

          No matter how beautiful these fireworks were, Supergod found himself terribly bored, superbored actually.  Hey, it isn't easy being a god, but someone has to do it.

          Supergod decided to do something about it.  As one can imagine, he could do many things which surpass anything that humans can do or even imagine.  Whether he could do absolutely anything, including changing the sets of cosmological starting conditions, remains unknown to humans.  Suffice it to say that he could do anything he wanted, at least while working within the Laws of Nature.

          Thus, Supergod went out to eliminate, or at least diminish, his boredom.  He experimented with many ideas.  In fact, his present level of success can be said to have evolved in five general stages.

          In the first of such stages, Supergod merely slept thru some of the less interesting parts of the fireworks.  While boredom was slightly decreased, there was no real increase in excitement or enjoyment.

          In the second stage, after waiting sufficiently long after that particular Big Bang for the planets to form, he build what could be best described as crude robots.  This could be considered as Supergod's Playing With Dolls stage.  He soon outgrew that, much the way any computer game player realizes, sooner or later, that he is merely playing against the writer of the program.  In his case, against himself.  Booooring!

          In the third stage, Supergod hit upon the keen ideas of Life and Reproductivity.  He spent endless centuries watching what amounted to organic robots going thru pseudo-random, albeit unconscious activities of living and reproducing.  While this was mildly amusing, Supergod already knew what was missing -- Free Will! -- and he could hardly wait until the next cycle to try it out.

          In the fourth stage, Supergod created not only plants and animals, but also special beings with consciousness and Free Will, something akin to "his own image".  Boy, was he delighted!  [No, not like the firefly who backed into a fan...]  He just considered himself happy.  He could watch the planetary soap operas for lightyears and lightyears with negligibly declining interest.

          Suddenly, Supergod was jolted into reality.  And, he had the sickening feeling that he already knew The Problem.  Yes, the proto-people had evolved sufficiently to ask some detrimental questions, such as:


          Why should I god thru all this s--t in "this life" if I don't have an everlasting soul/identity?  One that I can unequivocally prove for myself, without having to believe one of my co-creatures who claims to have the authority to speak for a creator God?

          In other words:  Why should I play this silly game if this life is a one-shot deal, leading nowhere, most certainly not to any godlike everlasting life?  There obviously is no Meaning, no Purpose, and no HOPE, nothing to look forward to.

          This stage did not yet produce any actual religionists, only potential ones, ready to mooch off the believers, as everybody asked the same questions.

          Supergod realized that the Created could never be the Creator.  And, that he could never give any Genuine Hope to any of his Creations.  Because, Hope is something that even HE is unable to create out of nothing.

          Supergod had learned a great deal from his experiences.  He now knew that even proto-people endowed with consciousness and free will ultimately only lead to vicarious experiences and illusory enjoyments.

          Supergod wanted to experience it all!  He wanted to experience all possible emotions and sensations.  He wanted to experience the joys of creativity and adventure.

          And, he realized that he could not just take the good without the bad, for joys without at least the possibilities of miseries are meaningless.  He knew he had to incorporate Real Risks into the next stage.  Just as any real poker player could not endure playing "just for funsies", or even for matchsticks.

          So, in the fifth stage, Supergod split himself into a life potential continuum, and spread himself throughout the universe.  The only way he can ever become one again is if and when ALL LIFE is destroyed.

          This is how Supergod became known as Olllaif (all-life, get i?).  Yes, the only word in King's English with three consecutive consonants!

          Now everything in the universe that has life, has a part of Olllaif in it.

          Conversely, Olllaif no longer exists as a separate entity.

          And, the universe consists of Matter, Energy, Fields, Forces, and LIFE!

          Now, a Truthseeker may come along and ask for a description of the postulated "life particles (or waves)" which now endow life into all living things.  Well, one should not insist on life as only particles or waves, but as analogous to fire.  Just as a fire can be started where there was no fire, and one candle can light many other candles, so the Life Potential will be there, ready, willing, and able to do its stuff when and where the physical conditions are conducive for life.

          How exactly does Life interface with matter?  We don't know!  Will science ever be able to describe this interaction?  Probably, but not necessarily.  What if the answer is unknowable, you know, what if it disappeared together with Supergod?   That would be disappointing re intellectual curiosity, but the universe would continue to muddle along, doing what it does best -- to exist!  

          Superreligion answers many of the Fundamental Questions that other religions can not answer, or wish to avoid.  The answers that Superreligion gives not to be construed as dogmatic revelations, but as evolving theories.

          Superreligion answers most of the questions about YOU!

          Superreligion answers most of the question about LIFE and DEATH.

          Superdeism answers ALL questions about Life and Death that Superreligion cannot yet answer.

          Superdeism answers ALL questions about god/gods by postulating Olllaif!

          Superdeism makes YOU God!

          Superdeism does not pretend to know things that it does not (yet) know.  Did Supergod create the universe or is he merely working with it (as a manager)?  Did Supergod have a say in the choice of the Laws of Nature, or the starting conditions just before the Big Bang?  Or, is he merely working within some kind of immutable everlasting system?  Could our Supergod socialize with Supergods of other universes?  Or, is our Universe a part of something larger, eg, is it a molecule in some cell, say a blood cell of some unimaginable giant?  We don't know!  But, the beauty of Superreligion is that most of such unknown, albeit intellectually interesting, answers do not matter.  They have no bearing on our lives.

          Superreligion provides YOU, indeed ANYONE, with absolute Salvation!

          Superreligion frees YOU of sins, fear of death, fears of what happens after death, fears of Spooks-in-the-Sky, one and all.  Forever!

          Superreligion frees YOU of the fears of Mythological Monstrosities promoted by Mooching Mystics of every other religion and cult as well.

          Superreligion frees YOU from the psychological clutches of all Manipulators.  YOU never have to waste another dollar of your hard earned money on a religionist pretending to be your middleman/agent before a Spook of any kind.

          Specifically, Superreligion saves YOU from fear-of-life religions such as Judeo-Christianity.  Remember:  Jesus slaves!  Superreligion saves!

          Some people are born Truth Seekers.  Some people evolve into it via intellectual effort.  Some will never make it.  Where do YOU fit in?  Superreligion has given you all the tools YOU need.  The rest is up to YOU!
Decision Time!

          Well what will it be?  Some kind of ill-conceived, out dated, man made, irrational monotheism (eg, Judeo-Christianity or Islam) which, when thought out to its logical conclusion deteriorates into nihilism without not only any hope, but without any hope for any hope?  For example, an eternal paradise every bit as boring as the one Olllaif sought relief from?

          Note that most non-theistic and/or non-deistic teachings, such as those of Confucius, are not religions at all, but social and/or moral philosophies.

          If you reject monotheisms, and multi-theisms [eg, Greek and Roman mythologies, Hinduism] which deteriorated into monotheisms, you are left with very few options:  Atheism and Superreligion.  And, as you well know by now, Superreligion is a convenient educational step into Atheism.

          Both Atheism and Superreligion are rational and subject to evolution according to the Scientific Method.  Neither will torture you nor use celestial blackmail on you.  Both eliminate hopelessness, anxiety and despair.  Both make life easier, simples, happier, and more enjoyable.  Are they not also man-made, you query?  Sure!  But hey, check out the quality!

          Yes, it's decision time.  The rest of YOUR life depends on that decision.  This is the only life YOU can know.  Waste it, or make the most of it!


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