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Laws, Rules, Commandments

Source:  Superbible, by Mike Titus, printed in 1990

Laws & Rules

          The functions of laws and rules include the induction, direction, alteration, limitation, and prevention of actions.
Laws of Nature

          The laws of nature are unbreakable but neutral.  The prevent you from flying like a bird, from building a vehicle that goes faster than the speed of light, and from traveling backwards in time.  On the other hand, they help you to invent a wheel and the computer chip, they help you to discover the periodic table, and the DNA molecule, and they relieve you of the anxiety of floating off into space or being pulled into the center of your planet by its mass..

          The last two Nature's Laws here are, of course, The Law of Gravity and The Law of Texturity.

Laws of Man

          Laws of man are situational and breakable.  In essence, they are rules of conduct.  Good laws are those which are necessary, helpful, desirable and agreeable to both individuals and society.  For example, that everybody should drive on the same side of the road in a given direction.

          Bad laws are those which are either unnecessary, or harmful, or undesirable, to either individuals of society.  Examples include the forced busing of students to schools not of their own choosing, taxation without representation, or even with representation, for example, when the taxes of Palestinian-Americans are being spent on aiding Israel.

          Some bad thing laws can not be enforced meaningfully.  For example, drug abuse.  [Obviously, Prohibition has been erased from the collective memory of USA.]  The best thing here to not even try.  This would be good since anti-drug enforcement officials would lose their goldmine jobs, and the average people would cease to be responsible for their humongous salaries from taxation.  And, it would also be good for for the taxpayers who could have their taxes reduced by taxing growers and users.  Look at the tax rates on cigarettes!  Wake up and learn something, for chrissake!

          But wait!  I hear the wailing and grinding of teeth of the unwashed multitude.  Who then would help the addicts if not YOU?  It doesn't matter.  Helping addicts simply delays their demise, or total lockups in institutions, again at taxpayers expense.

          Some things cannot be legislated at all, largely because they can never be enforced.  These things include:  Love, Respect, Gratitude, Equality, Happiness, etc.

          Specifically, no matter how many of you march and wail by national monuments, and no matter how many hyphenated adjectives you string together in front of your names, you cannot change the history that says that your ancestors were discarded, for profit, by their "brothers & sisters", and that you are now spared of being photographed as babies with distended stomachs and with flies walking around on your eyeballs.  You are so lucky there were fields to harvest without possible layoffs to worry about.
Laws of God(s)

          Since all gods are created by men, it follows that all laws of all gods are created by men.  The only beneficiaries of gods laws are religionists.  It is through gods laws that they gain unmerited wealth and prestige.

          For example, considering that people throughout history have cherished rest and relaxation, why should any Know-It-All-Spook-In-The-Sky find it necessary to command you to enjoy such rest and relaxation and partying?  "Thou shalt keep the Sabbath!"  Why would any boss demand that you goof off?

          Obviously, religionists need captive audiences they can manipulate, with fear and promises, into giving cash money.  And, periodicity serves two functions.  First, it is a powerful psychological mind control tool -- attendance must become an unconscious habit.  Second, it results in consistent and repetitive giving.

           Religionists refer to themselves as teachers.  The course they teach must be one of the most difficult in the universe.  Or, their student bodies are collectively brain dead.  Nobody  ever graduates from a church!

          Here is a sure-fire method for determining whether a law is a mythological law of a god:  Check out the direction of the cash flow!

          A really-real god, you see, would give a really-real religionist all the means necessary to accomplish his teachings.  A real agent of a real god would never need to ask you for money!  A real god would not need to resort to creating a pile of money out of nothing (counterfeiting), thus merely adding to inflation.  A real god would have the smarts to redistribute wealth.  If, say, the Christian god were the one real god, he could magically take the monies (wealth) from Jews, Moslems, and heathens, and give it to the Christian religionists who ask him for it.

The Ten Commandments

          The first several commandments sound like a mudslinging diatribe of a third rate politician running for office.  And, we have already covered the one dealing with Sabbath, above.

          The rest of them may have some vestigial merit.  But, are these commandments the helpful hints from an All-Powerful-God?  Historical research shows that they are Moses' modifications of a code of conduct generated by a historical leader of a rival tribe.

          Assuming that Big Daddy did write the commandments, did he party too much with the angels the nite before, or what?  What happened to his priorities?

          Okay, perhaps some of us ignorant creations didn't know that we were not supposed to covet our neighbors' ass, before seeing it inscribed in stone.

          But what about some really important topics like Incest, Child Abuse, Kiddie Porn, STDs, Medical Ethics, Ecological Pollution, etc, etc, ad nauseam.  And why did he leave it to Little Amy Carter (daughter of President Jimmy Carter) to worry about Nuclear Proliferation?

 Sure, god moves in mysterious ways.  But, the parasitic moves of religionists are plain to see, provided one loses the fear of asking critical questions.
Ten to One Transformation

          I once saw a Jewish comedian talk on the telly about Moses feigning displeasure and going back up the mountain, breaking the commandment tablets, and admonishing YHWH:  "Look, Lord, these dumb Hebes cannot possibly remember your 263 commandments.  Besides, since they cannot read, I would have to read it for them, and I am too old to read bedtime stories; and as you know, eyeglasses have not been invented yet.  Can't you cut them down to around Ten?"

          Two of the most iconoclastic comedians on the telly I remember were Sam Kinison and George Carlyn.

          In one of his latest appearances on HBO George had a beautifully organized script, which I took notes on, demonstrating that the ten commandments can be reduced to only one, something like the Golden Rule.  Regretfully, I cannot find these notes at this time.  If you know where I can find it on the Internet, please let me know.  My e-address is at the bottom of this page.


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