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Introduction to REVELATION 2

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Please read this intro before any other entries

     Being an atheist is easy.  Religions are very easy to tear down intellectually.

     Being a religionist and/or a member of a believing flock is also very easy.

     Trying to convert/educate a believer is difficult.

     When atheists get together, they may enjoy discussing atheism, and perhaps also learn some new angles.

     When an atheist tries to talk to a believer, there is no progress.  A believer has already made up his mind -- after all, he has been conditioned to believe since he was born.

     This is where Super-religion comes in.  Think of Super-religion as scaffolding for building a bridge between 20th Century religions and Third Millennium humanity comprised mostly of critical thinking Truth-seekers.  Sometime in the future religions will die from insignificance and disinterest.  And, it is a certainty that Atheism will triumph, because in reality that is what Super-religion is:  Atheism.

     You see?  You are not just tearing down some believers life philosophy -- you are replacing his loss with something much better!!!!!

     So, feel free to enjoy this almanac.  You should find many useful anecdotes which, in a few sentences, can convey a great deal of info to demolish religious beliefs.

     To be properly prepared for this almanac, please read the following entries;


     Metaphysics (of Superreligion)

     Fundamental Questions




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