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History 2.0

Source:  Superbible, by Mike Titus, printed in 1990

The History Platonicism and Christianity Denied US
[Credit: Wallace, p308]

          With reference to PHILOSOPHY, qv, assume that an Aritotelian-based, rather than Plationistic-based philosophy had dominated the Western World since the Golden Age of Greece:
 350 BC   Aristotle, 384-322 BC
 200 BC   America discovered.
 100 BC   Laissez faire capitalism established around the world.  All forms of mysticism and collectivism identified, discredited, and rejected.  All government taxation and spending programs abolished.  All forms of initiatory force are morally condemned.  Wars become impractical and vanish.  The arts, sciences, and technology advance rapidly.
   0 BC   All forms of mysticism, altruism, and collectivism are gone.  Poverty essentially eliminated.  The individual is the prime value.  Out of necessity, Christ develops into a happy and productive carpenter, rather than a destructive mystic.  
  10 AD   Steam engine trains and steamships are major forms of transportation.
  20 AD   Electrical power developed.  Camera developed.
  40 AD   Internal combustion engine developed.
  50 AD   Cars in mass production.  Airplane developed.
  60 AD   Commercial airlines flourish.
  65 AD   Crime and fraud become unprofitable, obsolete, and essentially eliminated by computerized ostracism.
  70 AD  Nuclear power developed.
  80 AD  Man on The Moon.
  90 AD  Cancer and most other diseases eliminated.
 100 AD  Man on Mars, and heading toward other planets.
 120 AD   Human biological immortality developed.
 140 AD   Prosperity and human happiness are universal.
 200 AD   Universal immortality achieved.  All diseases eliminated.  Man colonizing, mining, and commercializing The Moon, asteroids, and Mars.  Commercial shuttle flights, passenger and freight, to space stations and colonies.
1200 AD   Energy technology advanced to where sufficient energy can be created to travel to other Earth-like planets in outer space.  Science, knowledge and fulfillment advanced to the point where no economic or scientific incentive exists for communicating with outer space civilizations.  [Editors note:  What about just plain old intellectual curiosity about other life forms? (2011)]
2000 AD   Immortal man in laissez faire society is essentially master of all known nature.  Man travels and goods are transported at the speed of light via electronic transfer.  Most goods manufactured via electronic control of atoms and molecules.
5 Million AD   Burnout death of our Sun imminent.  Colonization and mass migration, via electronic transfer, to inhabitable planets in other solar systems underway.
Editors note:  Dr Wallace never opined about the problem of juxtaposing immortality and continued new births.  A vision of an open can of sardines raises its ugly head here.  Or, is it going to go something like the movie, "Soylent Green"?  Why not consider converting sunlight directly to food via solar cells?  The problem of drinking and drinking water is left for the reader as a homework assignment.
Quo Vadis, Earthman?
           Man, heretofore, has only occasionally learned anything from history.  Will man learn anything from a hypothetical history, such as the above?  Well, he will have to, if he wants not merely to survive, but to progress.
          In order to survive and progress, man has to untangle the plethora of "isms" currently still around him, creating confusion and possibly even despair.  Man has to dump the negative ones, and to utilize the positive ones.  He already has two the two major tools for accomplishing this.  One is Superreligion.  The other -- critical reasoning -- has evolved with him and is part of him.  All he has to do is to use them.
          Now that communist governments are dropping like rotten apples from the tree of politics, we can concentrate on the second greatest evil:  Theism.
          Verily we say unto thee:  Dump Judeo-Christanity!



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