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History 1.0

Source:  Superbible, by Mike Titus, printed in 1990

A Brief History of Our Universe     [Credit: Timothy Ferris, p413]

     [Note: Most dates and events are approximate.  ABT = After Beginning of Time.]

 t = 0 (time zero):  Origin of time, space, and energy of the universe as we know it.

 t = 10 to the negative 43rd power (one divided by one followed by 43 zeros) seconds ABT:  End of Plank epoch.  Gravitational radiation comes out of thermal equilibrium with the rest of the universe.

 t = 10 to the negative 34th power (one divided by one followed by 34 zeros) seconds ABT:  Universe, in vacuum state, begins "inflating", ie, expanding at an exponential rate, some 10 to the 50th power (one followed by 49 zeros) times the present expansion rate.

 t = 10 to the negative 30th power seconds ABT:  Inflationary epoch ends, particles precipitate out of the vacuum.

 t = 10 to the negative 11th power seconds ABT:  Symmetry breaking phase transition shatters the electroweak force into electromagnetic and weak nuclear forces.

 t = 10 to the negative 6th power seconds (a microsecond) ABT:  Quarks and anti-quarks cease mutual annihilation.  Survivors link up in trios as neutrons and protons, the components of all future atomic nuclei.

 t = 10 to the negative 4th power seconds (a tenth of a millisecond) ABT:  Constant capture of electrons and positrons turns neutrons protons and visa-versa.  As slightly more energy is required to make neutrons than protons, the process leaves the universe with five times as many protons than neutrons.

 t = 10 to the negative 2nd power seconds (ten milliseconds) ABT:  Particles of matter and energy interact in thermal equilibrium.

 t = 1 second ABT:  Neutrinos, previously embroiled with other particles, decouple and go their own way.

 t = 3 minutes and 42 seconds ABT:  Protons and neutrons have linked up, forming nuclei of Helium.  Universe now composed of about 20% Helium nuclei, and 80% Hydrogen.

 t = 1 hour ABT:  Universe has cooled to the point that most nuclear processes have stopped.

 t = 1 year ABT:  Ambient temperature of universe about that of the center of a star.

 t = 1 million years ABT:  Origin of cosmic background radiation.  Photons decouple, leaving electrons free to combine with nuclei, forming stable atoms.  Hereafter, matter can begin to congeal into galaxies and stars.

 t = 1 billion years After Beginning of Time (16 billion years Before Present):  Proto-galaxies, globular clusters forming.  Epoch of quasars begins.
A Brief History of Planet Earth    
[Credit: Timothy Ferris, p414]

          [Note: All dates and events are approximations.  All are BP = years Before Present]

  4.5 billion BP:  Sun and planets congeal from a cloud of gas and dust in a spiral arm of the Milky Way galalxy.

  3.8 billion BP:  Earth has cooled sufficiently for solid crust to form.  Age of oldest dated terrestrial rocks.

  3.5 billion BP:  Microscopic living cells evolve on Earth.

  1.8 billion BP:  Plants appear.  Oxygen poisons Earth's atmosphere, and aerobig (oxygen-loving) organisms proliferate.

  900 million BP:  Advent of sex accelerates pace of biological evolution.

  700 million BP:  Animals, mostly flatworms and jellyfish, appear.

  600 million BP:  First crustaceans.

  500 million BP:  First vertebrates.

  425 million BP:  Life migrates to dry land.

  395 million BP:  First insects.

  325 million BP:  First land vertebrates.

  200 million BP:  First animals.

  180 million BP:  North America separates from Africa.  Genesis of the Atlantic.

   70 million BP:  Primates evolve.

   55 million BP:  Early horses appear.

   35 million BP:  Early cats, dogs.

   24 million BP:  Appearance of grass.

   21 million BP:  Apes, monkeys depart along separate evolutionary paths.

   20 million BP:  Atmosphere approaches modern composition.

   15 million BP:  Antarctica freezes over.

   11 million BP:  Grazing animals proliferate.

     5 million BP:  Ape-man diverges from chimpanzee family.

     3.7 million BP:  Ape-men walk upright.

     3.5 million BP:  Onset of latest series of Ice Ages.

     1.8 million years Before Present:  Homo erectus, first "true man" in China.

A Brief History of Man         
[Credit: Ferris, p414]

          [Note: All dates and events are approximations.  All are BP = years Before Present]

  600,000 BP:  Homo sapiens emerges.

  360,000 BP:  Controlled use of fire among genus Homo.

  150,000 BP:  Wooly mammoths roam.

  100,000 BP:  Stars tale on the forms of recognizable modern constellations.

    40,000 BP:  Invention of complex language.  Modern humans flourish.

    35,000 BP:  Neanderthal man disappears.  First musical instruments crafted.

    20,000 BP:  Agriculture invented.

    19,000 BP:  Peopling of the Americans begins.  Animals are herded by humans.

    14,000 BP:  Fishhooks invented.

    13,000 BP:  Ceramic pottery developed.

    10,000 BP:  Wheat, rice cultivated.

       6700 BP:  Early Babylonian calendar in use.

       6500 BP:  Refined solar calendar employed.

       6200 BP:  Copper is melted.

       5600 BP:  First taxes.

       5500 BP [5300BC]:  Development of writing.

     ~2000 AD:  e-mail developed.

          Compare the above rational and scientific to explaining our universe, our planet, and out early history with the primitive, chaotic, and irrational patchwork effort that appears in the Judeo-Christian "Holy" Bible.

          Go ahead, compare!  We dare you!  Hell, we double and triple dare you.!

          If you are a Truth Seeker you'll find The "Holy" Bible's feeble attempts at cosmology funnier than Laurel & Hardy, Monty Python's Flying Circus, SCTV, Bob Newhart, Sam Kinison, George Carlin [webmaster's all time favorite], and Johnny Carson Comedy Reruns, combined

          If you happen to be operating in the belief-mode, that is, if you are stuck in the Christian mind tunnel, well, we can not reason with you.  Nobody can.  Religious believing and critical reasoning are mutually exclusive.  So, we shall try something appropriately off-the-wall:  Which version would your god prefer?
Super-death Made Super-easy [Death here refers to intellectual suicide.]
          If you belong to Judeo-Christianity (or any other theistic religion, sect, or cult) you have something amazing going for you.  It is incredibly EASY for you to belong!  Indeed, sometimes it is darn difficult to avoid its glib salesmen.  Christianity requires no intelligence.  No skills.  No talents.  No effort.  No sincerity.  You are never asked to understand, to explain, to wonder.  [All you need is money.]  Any sentence containing the words GOD and SOMEHOW suffices as an explanation for ANYTHING for you.

          To belong, you are given a test which can not be failed by anyone with a pulse.

          You are asked to worship death.  You do this by claiming to LOVE a rabbi who died un-heroically 2000 years ago, and to consider this life merely as spring training for some kind of fuzzy afterlife which is NEVER demonstrated.

          You are, in effect being asked to commit INTELLECTUAL SUICIDE.

          The religionists don't even care whether this test, this attempted suicide, succeeds or not.  This test you can not fail is a mere eyewash.  All they care about is cash flow.  From you to them.

          Think about it!  Is it too late for you to be saved by SUPER-RELIGION?

          Warning!  Super-Religion requires critical thinking!

          Why include this entry -- COSMOLOGY -- into the Superbible?  Do you really have to ask?  This is the type of information a sane person would expect to receive when reading "The Divinely Inspired Word of Any God".  You already know that the Judeo-Christian Bible has nothing like this.  Instead, it bores you with bad biology, bad science, bad many other things, boring poetic babblings of a confused people lost in the desert, their misguided thinking that anybody in the future will find their endless lineages important or even mildly interesting, I can go on and on.  When one picks up a non-fiction book, he does it to learn something.  The Judeo-Christian Bible does not have anything informative.  No cure for cancer, AIDS, no solutions for energy conservations...Hey, wait!  We can not go on like this.  Do yourself a favor and read your favorite newspaper, or watch news on the telly for a week, and you can add hundreds of things to the list I have started.  Enuf already.

          Divinely inspired word of an infinite creator indeed!  Phooey!

[Religionists like to argue that if the Holy Bible is so useless, how is it that it is so popular.  They already know the answer, but perhaps a few of our readers don't.  Simply an historical accident!  When Gutenberg invented the printing press, this bible was one of very few things available, and religionists willing to invest in its printing made it economically feasible.]


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