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Gods 2.0  --  The Nature & Attributes of the Christian God


The Nature of Theistic Gods  (YHWH, Jehovah, Allah, et al)

     In an effort to protect their investments in their religions, Jewish  religionists postulated that their God was infinite.  Their copycat religionists of Christianity and Islam thought that this was a good idea, and decided that they could not improve on this Infinite God Idea.

     Even mathematicians have difficulties in working with infinities.  For our purposes here it suffices to say that infinity is not simply a very large number.  Or, that infinity is the largest number one can think of, plus one.  Infinity, at best, means Endless, whatever that means.

     SUPERRELIGION postulates that infinite things and infinite life forms can not interact.

     The mathematical proof of this is beyond this book/website.  Check with your friendly local mathematician.

     Hint:  Take the Superreligion postulate above, and postulate further that talking about infinite things is meaningless.  Buried somewhere in the language, lies some kind of error.



The Attributes of Theistic Gods  (YHWH, Jehovah, Allah, et al)

     The attributes of Jewish, Christian and Islamic Gods are three in number.

1.  These gods are omnipotent.  That means all-powerful, capable of doing anything.

2.  These gods are omnipresent.  That means they are (or can be) present everywhere.

3.  These gods are omniscient.  That means they know everything that there is to know.

Please try to remember the previous sections.  We shall refer back to them often in other alphabetical entries of Atheist Almanac.

Please do not worry here about some serious problems with these postulates, they will be dealt with elsewhere.  [Zum speispiel:  If your God knows everything, is it not redundant for you to indulge in a practice called prayer.]

Whatever you do, do not retreat when a religionist tries to soft-pedal the words all and everything.  They mean all and everything, not many not most.


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