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Epistle 1.0

Everlasting Life Guaranteed
  Attention Atheists!  You may safely skip this page. It offers nothing of interest to you.

  Attention Christians!  This page is of great importance to you.

  Verily we say unto you that simply by reading every word of text on this cyber-page, you are guaranteed Everlasting Life.

  If you are skeptical [an oddity for you in any case], you might wonder how we can make such a statement.

  Verily we say unto you that we are exactly as qualified to make this promise as any Religionist (aka Clergyman, aka Theologian), dead or alive, could or can, make.

  Don't forget to ask about the double your Money Back guarantee, and the explanation of the cosmic mystery of Free Shipping.

  And, don't forget to spend your money wisely.  Yea, the tons of money you'll be saving which you have heretofore been giving to religionists for this same service (or product).


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