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Source:  Superbible, by Mike Titus, printed in 1990


states that, at some particular instant, approximately 17 billion (thousand million) years ago, all the matter in the universe collapsed upon itself, in a near singularity, and exploded outward in a Big Bang and that this outward motion is still going on (c2000).      Test 12 June 2015

     THE OSCILLATING UNIVERSE THEORY postulates that such Big Bangs are periodic.  That is, at some given time, billions of years from now, the outward motion will slow to a stop due to gravity, reverse, and lead to another Big Crunch and Big Bang, etc, etc.

     THE PRINCIPLE OF MEDIOCRITY postulates that Planet Earth, and indeed the entire Solar System, has nothing particularly special about it, life can not be very special either.  Therefore, it must be plentiful in the universe.  Moreover...

     THE COSMOLOGICAL PRINCIPLE postulates that natural laws are consistent and the same everywhere.  A refinement of this principle postulates further that natural laws are the same at all times as well.

     THE LAW OF CONSERVATION OF MATTER states that matter can not be created or destroyed, only changed in form.

     THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY, and the sciences of astronomy, nuclear physics, and quantum mechanics have demonstrated the equivalence of matter and energy, leading to...

     THE LAW OF CONSERVATION OF THE MATTER-ENERGY CONTINUUM which states that matter and energy can not be created nor destroyed, only changed in form, including from one to the other.

     SUPERSTRING THEORIES, first suggested in 1984, postulates that the basic objects in nature are not particles (nor waves or wavicles), which occupy a single point in space, but things which have length but no other dimension.  These STRINGS can be either open or closed, ie, have end or form loops.  Whereas the history of a particle can be represented by a line in space-time called a World Line, the histories of strings are either World Sheets or World Tubes.  An interesting, and rather curious aspect of string theories is that they seem to be consistent only if space-time has ten or twenty-six dimensions, rather than the usual four!  Why then do we humans notice only four dimensions, the three space dimensions and one time dimension!  [Space here doesn't allow us to delve further into this exciting subject at the cutting edge of science.  We have included this paragraph essentially to whet the readers appetite for further reading.]

     OUR ADDRESS:  Earth, aka Terra, is a medium-sized planet orbiting around  an average star, in the suburbs of an ordinary spiral galaxy, which is in itself is only one of about a million million (ten to the twelfth power) galaxies in the currently observable universe.

     THE QUANTUM THEORY OF GRAVITY (a relatively new theory) postulates that our universe is Boundless, yet Finite.  One has to try to visualize here a four dimensional space-time analogous to a two-dimensional closed surface, eg, a sphere, such as Planet Earth, where one can travel in any direction without ever running into an insurmountable wall, a boundary, or falling off an edge (another type of boundary) into some kind of infinite abyss. 
[Read also: Quantum Theory in Atheist & Libertarian Dictionary.]

[Note:  We use the English system where a billion means a thousand million, one followed by nine zeros.  In a few countries this is called a milliard, and their billion is a thousand milliard, or one followed by twelve zeros.]

          Compare the above rational and scientific to explaining our universe, our planet, and out early history with the primitive, chaotic, and irrational patchwork effort that appears in the Judeo-Christian "Holy" Bible.

          If you are a Truth Seeker you'll find The "Holy" Bible's feeble attempts at cosmology funnier than Laurel & Hardy, Monty Python's Flying Circus, SCTV, Bob Newhart, Sam Kinison, George Carlin [webmaster's all time favorite], and Johnny Carson Comedy Reruns, combined

          If you happen to be operating in the belief-mode, that is, if you are stuck in the Christian mind tunnel, well, we can not reason with you.  Nobody can.  Religious believing and critical reasoning are mutually exclusive.  So, we shall try something appropriately off-the-wall:  Which version would your god prefer?

          Why include this entry -- COSMOLOGY -- into the Superbible?  Do you really have to ask?  This is the type of information a sane person would expect to receive when reading "The Divinely Inspired Word of Any God".  You already know that the Judeo-Christian Bible has nothing like this.  Instead, it bores you with bad biology, bad science, bad many other things, boring poetic babblings of a confused people lost in the desert, their misguided thinking that anybody in the future will find their endless lineages important or even mildly interesting, I can go on and on.  When one picks up a non-fiction book, he does it to learn something.  The Judeo-Christian Bible does not have anything informative.  No cure for cancer, AIDS, no solutions for energy conservations...Hey, wait!  We can not go on like this.  Do yourself a favor and read your favorite newspaper, or watch news on the telly for a week, and you can add hundreds of things to the list I have started.  Enuf already.

          Divinely inspired word of an infinite creator indeed!  Phooey!

[Religionists like to argue that if the Holy Bible is so useless, how is it that it is so popular.  They already know the answer, but perhaps a few of our readers don't.  Simply an historical accident!  When Gutenberg invented the printing press, this bible was one of very few things available, and religionists willing to invest in its printing made it economically feasible.]


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