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 The Ideal Business
The Assets
A good business is one which makes money with the minimum use of assets such as LAND, LABOR, CAPIAL, and MANAGEMENT.  The business of religion never needs new inventions innovations.  There is no need for R&D, designing, engineering, manufacturing, or quality control.  There is no storage, shipping, or spoilage expense.  Indeed, nothing beneficial or worthwhile is ever manufactures.  Yet!  Something is marketed.

In order to sell something, there must be a need or a desire to buy that something.  However, such a need or desire   does not have to be rational.  That is the key concept in religious marketing.

The product/service that Judeo-Christianity markets consists of simple elements.  First, there is the invention of a fictitious PROBLEM, Original Sin.  Second, there is the invention of a fictitious SOLUTION, Salvation.  Third, there is the claimed AGENCY, the idea that the "ordinary people" (marks) need a religionist as a middleman who has a monopoly on an infinite GOD's limited attention span.  Fourth, considering that many people fear death, a fictitious HEAVEN is thrown in as a bonus.  Fifth, the scam is rounded out with a reference to a fictitious AUTHORITY, the Judeo-Christian "Holy" Bible.  Everything else -- dogmata, rituals, symbols, specific laws and rule, etc, etc -- are merely haphazardly evolved psychological tools to help THE BUSINESS to grow and prosper.

The Business

The business of religion, then, appears to be very similar to an insurance business.  Or, a divine protection racket.  It is The Ideal Insurance Business.  All it ever has to do is to collect the premiums, week after week after week.  And it never has to pay out any claims -- no deceased policyholder has ever returned to bitch about his accommodations in the hereafter.


Even the owner of an Ideal Insurance Business cannot do everything himself.  He needs at least a minimal sales force.  For any Christian religionist, he has three super-salesmen at his disposal.  These guys are real "self-starters" and "go-getters".  Best of all, they work for NOTHING!  These three are Satan, God, and Jesus.

SATAN.  The most important, and certainly the hardest working is Satan.  He can fit into any situation, and handle any job.  He is known by many different language is in different cultures.  A most obedient and patient chap, anything from mildly disagreeable to ultimate evil can be delegated to him, and he accepts all jobs without bickering or office politicking.

GOD.  The Judeo-Christian god is also very agreeable as to the roles delegated to him by the religionists.  He can be the creator of just about anything.  He can play the heavy for a leader such as Moses when he needs his followers to obey him.  And he can act as the ultimate rewarder  or punisher to back up any moral teachings leading to cash flow from the sheeple to the religionists.  There is only one thing that this god cannot do.  That is, to simply snap his fingers, or whatever he prefers to do when doing his stuff, and UNCREATE -- SNUFF OUT -- SATAN!  {More about this bad logic elsewhere where we mention that to postulate two co-equally powerful beings destroys the idea of monotheism, and suggests polytheism.}

JESUS.  Why do Christian religionists need Jesus as a salesman?  The simple answer is that sheeple will relate easier to a personification of an abstract idea than to the abstraction itself.  It doesn't really matter whether the New Testament gospels are true, partially true, or pure fiction.  It does not matter that Jesus considered himself a Jewish messiah, intent on liberating his people from the Roman occupation.  It doesn't matter that there had been at least sixteen earlier religions containing a man-god, born by some magic device like a virgin birth, executed, and magically brought back to life.  It doesn't matter that Jesus was not deified (by ordinary mortals in funny costumes) until some three hundred years after his death.  What matters is that when a religionist utter this magic name -- Jesus -- the sheeple cough up cash.





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