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A Realistic Business Opportunity for You

Get rich quick!  Become a billionaire overnite!  Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, ad nauseam.  You have heard it all before from motormouth salesmen hoping to sell you some information of questionable value.  Totally unrealistic!

We are FEI -- Free Education Institute

Our plan is completely realistic.

Our plan requires Zero Starting Capital.  And, very minimal operating capital.

Our plan does not require more than an elementary school education.  Yes, even the lowest postal employee, with at least a rudimentary knowledge of the alphabet, the number system and a pulse can succeed, provided he is not an alkie or druggie.

The need for this FEI service is universal.  Back in 1955 I worked in a factory for 10 out of 12 weeks of my summer vacation, and earned enough cash money to pay for my tuition for two semesters at the U of Illinois at Navy Pier, Chicago.  After six hours of filling out forms and doing physiucal exercises, the lady at the cashier's window said that my one semester's tuition would be $88.00.  Wow, I had five brand new $20 notes in my pocket and could really celebrate downtown before taking a train back to far suburbia.  Sadly I also had to pay $12.00 for lab fees.  Moreover, parents had to chip in for books and transportation, but I could live at home.  But! My higher education was easily doable.  Today(2015) it is not just difficult, one has to virtually sign up for Slavery for 10-20 years after earning a Bachelors's Degree.

Today, politicians try to entice voters with promises to reduce annual tuitions by 10%.  For example, from $40,000.00 down to $36,000.00.  If this is easily doable for you, without signing up for Virtual Slavery, you are one of the lucky ones to be born into the top 4% of the richest families in USA.

Can FEI really reduce the cost of education down to Absolute Zero?  Ofcoourse not!  That woould be idealistic.  And FEI is realistic.

Our mission is to drive down costs asymptotically down to 50% in five years, and to continue this downward trend down to 10% in ten years.

To help you understand how you fit into our system as a FACILITATOR, that is, the operator of a local FREE EDUCATION INSTITUTE's Local Chapter, please examine the following table:


Info Producers

Info Consumers

Info Facilitators



Multimedia Producers

Book Publishers

Sales Orgs

College Students


Entertainment Seekers

Operators of

Local Chapters

Profit or


is derived



FEI Website


Cost: Very Low


FEI Website


Cost: Free

From Cost Averaging

Derived from

3++ Local Members





Sample entries for Producers and Facilitators  [Work in Progress]

Under construction   .....   stay tuned  .....  much more to come


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