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Advertising Information

Currently, only one kind of ad is available:
 YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE.  Or, your personal name or your informative company name.  Brief description of your product or service.                          [If you don't have a URL, telephone # or address OK]

Step 1.  Send your request to us at our e-address below.

Step 2.  Suggest the wording for your ad.  We reserve the right to edit for best results.

Step 3. 
Suggest Classifications for this ad (see alphabetical list on Home Page)

Step 4.  Wait for confirmation of acceptance.  We reserve the right to refuse anyone.

Note 1We are too lazy to untangle legal problems caused by our advertisers.

Step 5.  If accepted, send $200.00 for each entry of each ad via Paypal.

Note 2.  At this early stage, this low price is for at least one full year.

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