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Quo Vadis Religion?

The content of the first three entries in this webpage were generated in mid-1980s, while Soviet Communism was still extant, and published in the printed version of SUPERBIBLE, written by Mike Titus, and printed in 1990.

 The Need For Intra-ethnic Religions

Philosophy, like Nature, seems to abhor a vacuum.  Where men abandon critical thinking, religions pour in, and linger like ugly on an ape.  Superstitious thinking only hinders human life and progress, albeit in different degrees.

For example, Judaism serves the Jews very well.  Similarly, Islam serves Moslems quite well.  Why?  Because these religions are intra-racial.

On the other hand, White Europeans, and their descendants worldwide, are a philosophical basket case.  Many of them still believe that they are verbally communicating with a deceased Jewish mystic who has been dead for around two thousand years.  Any progress that White People have made can be attributed directly to those among them who have dared to think for themselves.  Think about it!  Who has accomplished more, a man like Henry Ford Sr, or ANY of the evangelists on the telly?  Or, indeed, all the religionists who have ever lived, combined?

Similarly, an alien, slave-mentality religion was forced down the throats of Black Americans, and they have gulped it down with gusto.  You cannot have self-esteem if you believe that self-pride is a no-no.  You cannot have self-sufficiency if you believe in welfare as an absolute dogma.  After all, the two thousand years old mystic taught that "Don't think about tomorrow...Ask, and you shall receive, etc, etc.  Only Black Muslims seem to be on the right track, or close to it.  They deserve the support of everyone.


 The Anatomy of Religions

We have shown that no theistic god can create robots with genuine Free Will.  The only way such a god can make creatures with free will is by splitting himself up and disappearing as an entity.  This would make You god.

We have shown [elsewhere in Superbible] that no theistic god can give his robots HOPE, the major benefit of all religions.  Any hope that any robot may have is only an illusion, a philosophical dead end, leading nowhere.

We have demonstrated that all gods are created by men, specifically those who are willing to gain unmerited wealth, power and esteem at the expense of becoming hypocrites -- Mooching Mystics promoting Metaphysical Monstrosities.

[For a thorough study of the history and evolution of gods and other worshipped people and items, please read THE GOLDEN BOUGH, by Sir George Frazer (1854-1941), originally published in 1890.]  Now hold on to your chair for a fast trip:

Since all gods are fictional, the Judeo-Christian god is fictional.

Since the Judeo-Christian god is fictional, the Judeo-Christian bible is based largely on fiction, particularly regarding all religious matters.

Since the Judeo-Christian god and bible are fictional, the J-C religion is based entirely on fiction (a less kinder adjective than fiction here is LIES).

Since the J-C religion is fictional, all J-C religious doctrines are based on fiction.

Since the Judeo-Christian religious doctrines are fictional, Original Sin is fictional.

Since Original Sin is fictional, Salvation -- the major selling point of Judeo-Christianity -- utterly meaningless and totally unnecessary.

Since the J-C doctrines are fictional, there is no such thing as Divine Authority.

Since the J-C religionists have no Authority (divine or whatever) to use, for selling a Solution (salvation) which is not needed, to a Problem (original sin) which does not exist in reality, the J-C religionists have no religious function.

Since the Judeo-Christian religionists have no religious function, they are...wait for it!...FRAUDS.

Any and all other religions, cults, and belief systems which are based partly or entirely on myths and fictions, and which still flourish due to misguided wishful thinking instead of facts, experience, and critical reasoning, can be disposed of in a similar manner.

In conclusion, for those who still think that they need it, Superreligion has absolved you of Original Sin.  Absolutely, positively, instantly, and in perpetuity!  We do not drag it out and milk you for all that the market will bear.

Moreover, Superreligion has given you genuine Hope and the keys for discovering the real meaning and purpose of life, something that none of the theistic religions, based on illogical fictions, can ever give you.

Lastly, with this kind of true Hope, you can pursue your health, wealth, and happiness in confidence, without excuses or the need for mind altering substances, by working with, instead of against, the Laws of Nature.


 The Death of Religions

We need sycophantic religions (Judeo-Christianity, Islam, etc) as long as Communism exists as the cancer of Planet Earth.  Communism and Christianity are direct competitors in the same market for the same minds/souls.  Let the two of them fight each other to death!  It probably will not be a war, or a battle, or even a fight.  As the percentage of enlightened people increases to some critical mass, say 51%, both menaces will deteriorate from insignificance and indifference, and just fade away.  [Remember, this was first written prior to 1990.]

[At this writing, Communism seems to be dying, largely due to overwhelming Public Opinion.  But!  Russia is still there!  Regardless of the aliases, eg, Communist, Socialists, Soviets, Bolsheviks, etc, that the Russian Imperialists use at any given time, they are still the focus of evil in the world.

The Russian power elite, whose mega-billionaires gained their wealth during many decades of skimming off slave-labor factories, and who have this hereditary wealth not in worthless Rubles, but in hard-currency accounts in Swiss banks, fearing for their lives, simply switched from being visible one-party rulers to being an invisible ruling class able to control any new form of government from behind the scenes.  As Shakespeare would have said:  A commie by any other name stinks just as badly!]

Human nature being what it is, erroneous wishful thinking will never disappear completely.  There will always be some Christians, commies, and other dead end superstition freaks around.  But, their importance will diminish to something as meaningless as today's astrology nuts, crystal gazing retardos, and other lunatic fringes of humanity.  Hey!  We did not promise you a perfect paradise!

Besides, without some confused ones milling around, how would you be able to appreciate YOUR own greatness!  Enjoy YOUR glorious new future!


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